Gas Hike: Customers Won’t Feel More Comfortable They May be Dead!


It’s going to be a cold winter on the Isle of Man! That’s not the Met Office forecast that’s the message fromManx Gas, rip-off energy supplier that recently announced the most amazing feat of fiscal gymnastics. It reduced prices marginally and at the same time ratcheted up its standing charges.

It is also re-banding customers in another feat of ‘fiscalgerrymandering’ so that it will get the maximum return for its shareholders atthe hardest period for its customers.

When I said it will be cold I meant indoors because withfuel poverty already a reality on the Island it seems likely that many peoplejust will not be able to turn their gas heating on.

Pressed on the whether the tariff structure should have beenmore transparent, by IOM Newspapers which has forecast 7000 consumers will behit, the Company’s mouthpiece, managing director Tony Nicholls, said:

‘With hindsight maybe that’s what we should have done.

‘If we find out between now and January, through our owndata, that there are any gaps in understanding then we will fill that. Ifpeople say they need more information then we will consider that and ifappropriate send out another letter.’

However a recent approach to the company seeking furtherclarification simply generated (rather confusingly) a couple of old gas bills!

Without a hint of irony Nicholls blathered on:

‘He believed that once customers received their bills inJanuary they would feel much more comfortable about the changes.’

Come on Tony if it’s a really harsh winter some of yourcustomers won’t be comfortable they may be dead!

Because basically that is what these price hikes raise thevery real spectre of in Mann for the first time in living memory people dyingbecause they can’t afford to heat their homes!

Well if that does happen we’ll all know who to blame!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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