Cyberbullying Claim Under Scrutiny


Cyberbullying is a reprehensible activity and should always be cracked down upon promptly. Many social media sites have robust systems in place following criticisms in recent years to address the issue.

Recently a high profile case, however, has suggested it is not always as it is presented.

Michelle Mone is the successful Scottish business woman who set up the award winning lingerie company Ultimo. During the referendum campaign last year she was an outspoken supporter of a No vote and claims since then she has come in for vile abuse from Cybernats.

The issue came to head recently and she indicated she would leave Scotland, her home for 43 years. The story has been well reported in the UK, Scottish, and International media

However, Michelle Mone was quite specific about the abuse she had received and the social media it had come from.

However, when Stuart Campbell – who hosts one the best subscribed pro-Independence Scottish blogs ‘Wings Over Scotland’ – carried out analysis of the specific claims he alleges he could find little evidence of such attacks (see his article here).

So who is right, Ms Mone or Mr Campbell? Perhaps some in the mainstream UK media who have been reporting the story will pursue the issue further?

Interestingly (as an aside) it seems from Mr Campbell’s reports that it’s also fairly easy to ascertain the nature and extent of cyber abuse even if that abuse is not directed at you personally. This was something we were not aware off so thanks to Mr Campbell for that useful pointer.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
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