Carmichael: Resignation Calls Grow


Islanders who ‘are honest and play by the rules’ don’t want to be represented by a lying former Scottish Secretary.

Like one of the limpets that dot the rocks around the Orkney and Shetland Isles former Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael is clinging on desperately as calls for his resignation continue.

He has probably been bolstered by yesterday’s support from his Scottish Liberal Democrat (Lib Dem) colleagues, a move which we described yesterday as ‘the final suicide note for the Lib Dems in Scotland’.

Further evidence has emerged of Carmichael ‘managing’ the lie he had perpetrated. In this footage he silences an aide being questioned by a Scottish Parliamentary Committee.

This clearly illustrates that not only did he facilitate the original smear (against Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon) but he then went on over weeks to allow it to continue.

Indeed he went further and only admitted his culpability after an enquiry costing almost one and half million pounds had been undertaken by the Cabinet Office.

A campaign amongst his constituents in the Northern Isles is gathering support and over the weekend there were protests in Kirkwall and Lerwick.

Protesters pledged to keep up the pressure and one Shetland Islander summed up the mood saying;

“This is not the way that folk conduct themselves in Shetland – it’s a place where folk are honest, play fair and play by the rules.”

There is a #carmichaelmustgo Twitter feed at this link where you can get the latest news. From recent posts it’s clear that the public are also angry over coverage by some of the mainstream media of the issue.

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