CADW And Tackling Abuse


Xmas brings the ubiquitous calendar fund raiser and IOM Today highlights one said to ‘empower women and inspire girls’.

However it’s the aim of the fund raiser that catches the eye it’s in aid of the Women’s Refuge a charity that operates via donation and a small government grant.

With government funding under tight scrutiny its as well the fund raising is to the fore. But hold on isn’t the Isle of Man signed up to CEDAW (UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) article 16 of which is designed to tackle just the sort of problem(s) this charity deals with so shouldn’t this be a major government priority?

The last IOM government report we could find had a fairly brief section on article 16 so we thought we would ask Will Greenhow, Chief Secretary, what the most recent report contains.

“Mr Will Greenhow
Chief Secretary
By: Email
1st December 2015

Dear Mr Greenhow,

The Isle of Man I understand contributes (via the United Kingdom) reports under the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

I wonder if you could forward a link to the most recent report submitted in respect of the Isle of Man.

Can you also advise what consultation took place ahead of the report with any UN accredited non governmental organisation (NGO).

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Moffatt
DOI Celtic League”

Here’s a link to the CEDAW Convention detail at the OHCHR pages:
Issued by: The Celtic News



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