‘As Interesting As A Decomposed Section Of The Dead Sea Scrolls’


Has anybody seen a copy of the 2015 report of the Surveillance Commissioner lying around?

The only reason I ask is that this appeared on Manx Radio a few days ago:


However the report doesn’t seem to be on his website yet and I note from the MR report that it’s not being laid before Tynwald until next week.

It is most unusual for a report to be aired and discussed before ‘the great and the good on Prospect Hill’ has had a chance to cast their eye over it.

Perhaps this is a pre-emptive strike by the Commissioner aimed at enlivening interest in the document when it eventually does surface.

I was somewhat caustic about last years efforts by the Surveillance Commissioner and his colleague who looks after the ‘Interception of Communications’. Both last years efforts documents were about as interesting as a decomposed section of the dead sea scrolls.

Here’s a link to my take on them:


Of course one shouldn’t be cynical because as we are a ‘real country’ with a ‘real government’ we should have ‘real oversight’ bodies just so we know that everything is above board.

The trouble is the documents tend to tell you sod all so just you end up just having to take the word of a couple of folk appointed by the ‘great and the good’ that the agents of the ‘great and the good’ are not getting up to any mischief.

Seems a bit pointless to me but if anyone has seen the report lying around let me know maybe this years effort won’t induce instant torpor!

Photo: Decomposed section of the Dead Sea Scrolls


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