• May 13, 2020

‘Celtic countries should keep borders closed’

Liaising with a League General Council Officer today who lives and works in London he advises of the deaths of public transport workers.

It demonstrates that the decision of the UK to relax lockdown could have potentially damaging consequences.

Already the Celtic areas are following their own inclinations on this and both Wales and Scotland are going to enforce penalties for anyone who breaches the lockdown regs by travelling from England across the borders.

If anything it illustrates the need for Mann to keep tight control on borders and also maintain existing measures.

My colleague who is avoiding public transport in London said:

“Many of the tubes were crowded this morning, with absolutely no possibility whatsoever of social distancing.”

Circumstances like this pose a potential breeding ground for a second wave of the Coronavirus



Image; ‘KEEP OUT’ – sign at Welsh border.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (13th May 2020)

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