• March 27, 2010

In what has been described as a major legal development with profound implications for many other cases relatives of two IRA men killed by the British SAS near Loughgall in Co Armagh in 1990 are to take a case to the United Kingdoms Supreme Court

Martin McCaughey and Dessie Grew were shot dead by British Special Forces who were `staking-out’ an outbuilding at Lisasley in Co Armagh where several AK47 rifles were hidden.

The military have said the men were armed when they were shot however this is disputed by the families who believe the men were killed as part of a `shoot to kill’ policy then being operated by troops in Northern Ireland. The circumstances of the shooting seem to bear out the contention that the security forces acted disproportionately. Several hundred rounds were fired by the soldiers and the two men sustained 58 bullet wounds between them.

The legal judgement won by the families’ means credible inquests may ultimately be held.

The unit thought to be involved in the stake-out was part of the infamous 14th Field Intelligence Company which is thought to have been involved in many other infamous acts in Ireland. 14th Field Intelligence has been accused of acting in collusion with loyalist paramilitaries by former British military intelligence personnel Fred Holroyd and Colin Wallace who ascribe the death of senior IRA member Francis Green, the Miami Showband Murders and the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings to the unit.

The Supreme Court case given the go ahead this week may peel away back the layers of mystery and deceit which have shrouded the operations of these Ulster murder gangs operated by the British Army.

Solicitors for relatives in the McCaughey and Grew case stressed the importance of the legal ruling they had achieved not just for this case but others. They told the media:

“This is a highly significant development which may have profound implications not only for this inquest, but for other old inquests, numbering almost 20, where the death pre-dates the coming into force domestically of the European Convention on Human Rights.

“The Supreme Court will now have the opportunity to consider the proper legal framework within which these contentious inquests shall be conducted.”

Wikipedia links on 14th Field Int. Co. and the McCaughey and Grew killings here:


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