• February 17, 2016


Kate Beecroft has a motion for this weeks Tynwald calling for a ‘suspension’ of the ‘Dependability’ assessments and having the matter referred to the Social Affairs Committee. (Text below):

“The Hon. Member for Douglas South (Mrs Beecroft) to move –

That Tynwald is of the opinion that the operation of the personal capability assessments conducted by Dependability Limited should be referred to the Social Affairs Committee for examination and report by June 2016; and that until the decision by Tynwald on the report by the Committee the personal capability assessments conducted by Dependability Limited should be suspended.”

Well I don’t disagree with the broad sentiment driving the motion but I’m sorry its past time for prevarication what is needed is straightforward this contract with DEPENDABILITY should be DITCHED immediately.

For goodness sake when the first years reassessments throw up a figure of between 40/50% supposedly miraculously fit for work the alarm bells should have been ringing in Tynwald.

Not since Jesus cured a vast number of people in an evening (Matt 8:16, Mark 1:32, Luke 4:40) has their been such a swift clear up rate and lets face it he was allegedly gifted with supernatural powers.

DEPENDABILITY I don’t believe has god given powers and I am not prepared to accept from Bill Henderson or the Treasury Minister that they do.

Eddie Teare of course says ‘it’s not about money’ but we all know it is!

Eddie wants to be Mother Teresa to DEPENDABILITY’S Jesus but people are a tad more sceptical about miracles these days and think Eddie’s charity starts and finishes at the door of the Treasury – unless Allan Bell comes along for a suitcase full of money to dish out to the Chamber of Conmen to ‘revitalise the economy’.

So we are supposed to accept that sick people are forced back to work while the business community stuffs its face and pockets at our expense – I don’t think so!

I’m sorry Kate never mind suspending the process we need to ‘DITCH DEPENDABILITY’ now!

Photo: Mother Teresa – somehow Eddie Teare just does not fit the role!


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