• January 24, 2016


You may be waiting apprehensively for that letter box to rustle and the bill from Manx Gas or the MUA to hit the mat.

If you are a person on disability who has just endured ‘twenty questions’ with the governments assessment body you could be awaiting the news that oscillates your emotions from elation to despair.

Or if you’re on JSA and had it cut courtesy of Bill Henderson and the crew at the Social Security section you’ve probably just given up hope of any positive news coming through the door for you at all!

Elsewhere our political ruling class have other things to occupy them other than your decision whether you ‘eat or heat’ or the myriad other problems of the hoi-polloi they have their sights set on better things. Their own version of TVs ‘Dragons Den’!

Yes they want to be on the telly. They are sick of that shower at Hango Hill every year spouting of in glorious Technicolor and blaming them for everything. They are sick of the fact that the Chief Minister has his own weekly ‘up close and personal’ with Paul Moulton. They all want telly time and what better way Tynwald already having its resident ‘dragons’ like Claire Christain and Steve Rodan than to have a Manx version of ‘Dragons Den’.

Of course you can’t manage with two ‘Dragons’ so the two top dogs will have to have some supporters on the panel perhaps Laurence Skelly and Eddie Teare (I can just see Eddie fingering the piles of money stacked next to him to invest – he loves investing our money no personal risk you see).

Apparently they are going to try and interest the BBC Parliament channel (bizarrely even though Tynwald has as much affinity to Westminster as it does to the National Peoples Congress of China).

Anyway that’s the plan only it will be an uphill battle because Tynwald only has a small pool of budding political entrepreneurs to set out their stall each week and then usually its Messrs Karran and Beecroft who want to hog the time. But we’ll have to see how it goes it could make for riveting viewing.

Anyway Phil Gawne is a ‘shoe-in’ for the Evan Davis role.

Tuesdays TV viewing will never be the same! ‘Isle of Man Dragons Den’ from Prospect Hill with Claire Christain – eat your heart out Deborah Meaden you’ve got competition – ‘love’!


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