• November 8, 2017

We reported at length on the loss of Irish coastguard rescue helicopter Rescue 116 in which all four crew members died. The helicopter crashed after a collision with Blackrock Island, Blacksod Bay, Co Mayo and the bodies of two of the crew men have never been recovered.

There is a disturbing report here from RTE Prime Time about safety deficiencies involving lifejackets and locator beacons, onboard electrical navigation aids and indeed paper charts.

What makes the issue even more alarming is that all of the issues had been highlighted well in advance indeed crews had identified the lifejacket problems five years before the crash.
Its well worth watching (first twenty-five mins of this 35 min programme) as it reveals how emergency rescue staff who put their lives on the line were let down by the Company and the Government, Some of the issues are still unresolved.


Image: Helicopter Captain Dara Fitzpatrick who was found in the water but pronounced dead later in hospital. Prime Time asserts there were problems with lifejacket and locator equipment.

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