• October 3, 2018

The British government and its Army forciby evicted the Chagos Islanders from their home fifty years ago to make way for an American military base.

The used intimidation and violence. The gathered the Islanders pets and gassed them in front of them some of the older Islanders said in recent interviews they were so frightened they thought they or their children would also be gassed.

The Chagos people were a gentle people. Cut off from the world on the archipelago of Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean they must have assumed they were safe from the terrors of the outside world. All that ended when they were carried on ships and dumped in Mauritius. Some as Commonwealth citizens came to Britain and soon there was a small community in the South East of england.

Now shamefully it seems the British are threatening to deport Chagossians again because they do not have British citizenship. Report here on Eddie Powers CDN pages:


To one wicked iniquity perpetrated by the British government is added another when will the wrong inflicted on these people be rectified. When I say ‘WRONG’ it was the British government who recognised that it was that and the Celtic League which is one of a number of groups that has campaigned for them has this in correspondence from the UK government.

The plight of the Chagos people was due to discussed again at the Celtic League AGM later this year. I feel sure this added injustice will now feature on the agenda.

Image: From CDN web pages.

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring

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