• September 17, 2023

The one issue that has caused discord and nationalist discontent for over fifty years in the Celtic countries is the question of inward migration, property prices and second homes.

In Mann in the 70/80s there were arson attacks over the issue, In Cymru a lengthy campaign by Mebion Glyndwr also spanned two decades. Today housing is a major cause of social discontent again in Ireland, Cornwall, Cymru and Mann.

The issue therefore hasn’t gone away but until recently the violence had. However researching an article recently on resurgent Breton nationalism I also became aware that other separatist movements are still active and militant elsewhere.

In Corsica for example there have been 17 attacks in the last year, including on several second homes (source Connexion France). The report is supported by ‘newsinfrance’ which quotes 16 attacks on two police vehicles, two construction companies and twelve private residences across the island, including the burning of 36 mobile homes in a campsite. of Aleria (Upper Corsica).The attacks are claimed by the Fronte di liberazione naziunale corsu (FLNC)

FLNC and nationalist related anger was also stirred last year by the death (March 23rd) of Ivanu Colonna who was imprisoned in 2007 for the 1998 assisination of the prefect of Corsica, Claude Erignac.

Colonna was attacked by another inmate at the French prison in Toulon where he was being held. After spending three weeks in a coma at a hospital, he died aged 61. There was violent protest across Corsica at the time and renewed attacks on the first anniversary of his death in March 2023.

Image: FLNC attack on a public building near Ajaccio in March this year (Source – The Limited Times).

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (17th September 2023)

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