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One of the most irritating things about Manx Radio, other than the fact they give Eddie Teare a platform to blather for two hours and tell you absolutely nothing (as in today’s Sunday Politics/Mannin Line) is the interesting news stories they run that just seem to ‘die’.

One such which is vey topical given Phil Gawne MHK is always wittering on about aid to Africa and what a wonderful job ‘we’ are doing (and he gets lots of exotica holidays) was this item from Ed Oldham two years ago:

“Former Malawi President’s money found on Isle of Man

Saturday July 6th 2013

Money salted away in the Isle of Man by a former Malawian president is forming part of a court battle in the country.

The government of Malawi claims Bingu wa Mutharika hid millions of pounds outside the country during his eight-years in office.

The government there is now pursuing his estate for billions of Malawi Kwacha in unpaid tax and has ordered his assets to be frozen.

This week a new report from a company contracted to value his property says its traced money to a frequently-used Manx bank account.

Ed Oldham reports.

Just before becoming president in 2004, Mr Mutharika said he was worth 150 million Kwacha – but investigators have so far found 61 billion Kwacha of assets.

Malawi’s deputy registrar general has written to banks holding Mr Mutharika’s fortune asking them to pay money to the government – although it’s not clear whether the Manx bank in question has been contacted.

Mr Mutharika was serving his second five-year term as president of Malawi when he died from a heart attack last April.

His will is being hotly contested by family members and the government amid accusations he’d plundered the Malawian economy.”

After that the story sank without trace though the disputes over Mr Mutharika monies rumble on as I noticed the other day when I was reading The Banthu Times (as you do!) – see link:


Anyway, Mr Mutharika and the allegations about his billions aside, perhaps Phillip Gawne would be better occupied at home checking any mysterious bank accounts linked to the overseas countries we are so anxious to help. Then we could give Africa back is own money and keep ours at home to step people freezing this winter.

Meanwhile maybe Manx Radio could try in future to give us the end of the news story instead of just the beginning – rather than turning itself into a bandstand for Eddie Teare to ‘ponce’ around on!
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