• July 25, 2010

The Annual General Meeting of the Celtic League was held this weekend (10/11 July) in Mannin.

Delegates from the six Celtic countries met at the Centenary centre in Peel for three working sessions over the two days at which reports from General Council Officers on the work undertaken by the Celtic League over the past twelve months were considered.

In addition National branch secretaries presented their reports and a range of resolutions were considered and adopted.

The League also approved funding for the publication of the organisations journal, Carn, for the forthcoming year

The following persons were elected as Officers of the Celtic League General Council to hold office until the 2011 AGM:

Convenor: Cathal O Luain (Ireland)

General Secretary: Rhisiart Tal-e-bot (Cornwall)

Assistant General Secretary: Tony Leamon (Cornwall)

Treasurer: Paul Kelly (Isle of Man)

Editor of Carn: Patricia Bridson (Ireland)

Director of Information: Bernard Moffatt (Isle of Man)

(The General Council also includes the six National Branch Secretaries and International Secretaries.)

The AGM concluded with a tour by visiting delegates of Bun Scoill Ghaelgagh at St Johns where the Head Teacher, Julie Matthews, provided information on the work of the school and the developing programme of education through Manx.

The AGM was hosted by the Manx branch and the Celtic League Convenor, Cathal O Luain, concluded the business sessions of the weekend by moving a vote of thanks to the Manx branch and Secretary, Ruth Black, for organising the AGM and associated events.

The AGM was deliberately timed to coincide with the beginning of Chruinnaght week and it is hoped that some delegates will stay on for a few days and take the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Manx cultural scene.

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Celtic League and the AGM will take place in Stirling, Scotland, in October.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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