• March 8, 2018

The beleaguered Islanders of Tory Island off Donegal have expressed their determination not to have a 40 years old vessel that seemed fit only for the scrapheap become the replacement ferry imposed on them by the Department of the Gaeltacht.

The Islanders are supported in their fight by the Celtic League and Irish language groups. The League, in a campaign led by its Irish branch, has said any ferry service must meet IMO SOLAS standards.

A report today on Highland Radio (Donegal) says:

“The community of Tory Island have reiterated that they will be rejecting the Queen of Aran ferry when it comes into service next month.

The contract for the current service is due to cease on 1st April, to be replaced by the 40 year old Queen of Aran, a vessel with which Tory Island residents are not happy with.

Following a meeting on Tuesday night on the Island, Manager of Tory Island Co-Op Marjorie Carroll says the community as a whole agreed that if the Queen of Aran is to be the main boat servicing the island on the 2018/2023 contract they will not be accepting it.

The community of Tory Island are to stand in unity in rejecting the Queen of Aran ferry when it is due to come into service on April 1st.

At a meeting on the island on Tuesday, it was agreed the 40 year old vessel would not be accepted to service the island.”

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