• May 17, 2021

A decade after the radioactive pollution levels at Dalgety Bay in Fife were identified a clean up is to take place. As Celtic League pointed out in 2011 contamination of the bay from radium contaminated aircraft instrument display dials which were incinerated a the location post WW2 had been known about for many years and was identified as a concern by SEPA with remediation needed:


News of the cleanup is carried at the Scottish based investigative website ‘The Ferret’:

“The clean-up of radioactive pollution by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) at Dalgety Bay in Fife is to start — 31 years after it was first discovered.

“The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has announced that work to decontaminate a stretch of foreshore on the north of the Firth of Forth near a popular sailing club will begin on 17 May. It is expected to be finished in 2022.

“Sepa promised that the clean-up would provide a “permanent and positive resolution” to the decades-old pollution. It was “an important milestone for Dalgety Bay”, the agency said.”

Full article here:


In addition to Dalgety the UK disposed of radioactively contaminated aircraft instruments elsewhere. In 1997 MAFF Minister Jeff Rooker MP admitted in the House of Commons during question that material of this type had been disposed of in the Holyhead Deep (Irish Sea off Anglesey) in 1974.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (17th May 2021)

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