• March 12, 2010

Cultural links at academic level between Wales and Patagonia have been strengthened following a visit to Wales by staff from the National University of Patagonia.

The visit, hosted by Cardiff University’s School of Welsh, allowed the two groups to share research into the origins of the 1860s Welsh settlers in Argentina and the community in Patagonia that they established.

Banco Santander sponsored the exchange as part of a wider scheme to encourage links between universities in Europe and South America.
Funding from Banco Santander is also being made available to further develop research and teaching links with Higher Education Institutions in Argentina. Faculty members from Cardiff have already visited Argentina to initiate this process.

Speaking about the initiative Lois Barrar of Cardiff’s School of Welsh said:

“These visits will help significantly to promote the relationship between Wales and Patagonia in the field of higher education and academic research, with all the educational, economic and cultural benefits which will undoubtedly derive as a result.”

There have been developing links at all levels between the Welsh homeland and Patagonia in recent years.

At inter-Celtic level the Celtic League recently established a Patagonian branch with its status being formalised by the General Council of the League in November 2009.

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