The Fickle Fortunes of Wind Power


The fickle fortunes of the wind turbine world were only to apparent in the last few weeks

Just days before Richard Ronan announced ‘money for old seabed’ off Maughold Head with his ‘wind farm’ announcement a local firm was knocked back for an onshore wind project in Wales.

The United Kingdom Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd announced that development consent was being refused for an 89.1-MW Mynydd y Gwynt wind project the plans were submitted by Renewable Energy Holdings Plc based in the Isle of Man.

A letter from the Energy Secretary said the project could not be approved because she is unable to conclude that there is no adverse effect on the integrity of the red kite feature of the Elenydd-Mallaen special protection area (SPA).

SeeNews Renewable web site reported that:

“Isle of Man-registered REH said it would hold discussions with its principal creditor, Utilico Ltd, to determine whether the company can remain trading in light of the decision. Until the outcome of the talks, its shares will be suspended. REH is disappointed with the rejection and said it was considering the details of the decision.”

The proposed wind project would have seen the erection of up to 27 turbines of between 3 MW and 3.3 MW in Powys, Wales.

Obviously a number of hurdles not least shipping and environmental concerns involving threats to marine bird life will have to be considered before any turbine pylons sprout of Maughold Head. Minister Ronan had better not start counting on that (what was it) £5 million just yet!
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