• June 13, 2017

Police Scotland is the only UK Police Force to pay VAT Theresa May won’t say why!
If you didn’t think anyone could go one better than Messrs Skelly and Callister at the IOM DED charging the RNLI for using the letters TT on some of their merchandise you were wrong.
British PM, Theresa May, was in Scotland today at what passes for a public appearance by her during the election. This was a select gathering of the party faithful at an obscure warehouse in Edinburgh. The only others present were a few selected members of the press but one of them had the temerity to ask an awkward question.
She was asked why she won’t remove the obligation that Police Scotland has to pay VAT.
Police Scotland is the only police force in the United Kingdom that have to pay VAT. If Police Scotland didn’t have to pay VAT – which has amounted to over £75 million in the last three years they could put many more police officers on the streets of Scotland. Of course Theresa May who famously cut police numbers across the UK by 20,000 when she was Home Secretary didn’t answer the question.
At the time of the reductions when the Police Federation said ‘cuts have consequences’ Theresa May accused them of ‘scaremongering’ in the wake of recent events in Manchester and London that may come back to haunt her.
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