• August 23, 2019

A Donegal Councillor has refused to condemn those who daub English language translations on road signs in the Gaeltacht Independent Councillor Micheal Mac Giolla Easbuig told breakingnews.ie: That he feels it is ‘direct action’ in support of the language and the very future of the Gaeltacht areas. He said:

“Some people have decided not to be silenced while watching a very beautiful and progressive language dying”

He added:

“I fully support this action and I would ask others to go out and if they believe direct action then do what they have to do. I will not condemn it.”

Responding to concerns about tourism he pointed out quite correctly:

“If a tourist comes all the way from a remote area of Italy, then surely they can find their way around West Donegal.

“Tourism can play a part and can be of economic benefit to our community and I welcome it to a point. But I don’t believe that we should sell out our own language which is thousands of years old and much older than English just for tourism.

“In fact, tourists come to the Gaeltacht area to experience our culture and our language. These are people who are taking a stand for our language and I will not condemn their actions in any way.”

Link to the full article here:


Related link on Transceltic here:


Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League (20/08/2019)

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