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Kernow Branch member, Mike Chappell, writes below about an appeal to raise funds to set up the first OfSTED registered Cornish language nursery in Cornwall. OfSTED is a government organisation that inspects schools and all nurseries in Cornwall need to be registered with this organisation to care and educate children.
“Cornwall’s only dedicated Cornish language early years setting is seeking funding to enable it to set up as a full time OfSTED registered nursery from 2014.

Movyans Skolyow Meythrin (MSM) has managed the work being undertaken at Skol Veythrin Karenza (SVK) since January 2010, when it was first set up as a Cornish language Saturday club for children and their families. Since then SVK has adapted its method of working several times, but has maintained its emphasis on providing early year’s education for children and their families through the Cornish language. Since September 2013 SVK has been open four days a week providing an education and care service for children, whose parents and carers want them to be exposed to the Cornish language at the most crucial stage of their learning and development.

To date SVK has been used by around fifty children over extended periods of time, in a setting that is unique to Cornwall. Currently the setting is run on a voluntary basis and has predominantly relied on the good will of volunteers and donations from private individuals to keep going. However those people who have been involved with the project long term, now want the crèche to be put on a more official basis and are seeking OfSTED registration for SVK, but this means raising funds for materials and resources so that the school can be OfSTED ready by September 2014.

One of the ways that MSM is raising funds is through an organisation called Crowd Funder, which is based in Newquay. MSM have given themselves the target of £4800 to raise for the nursery, but like with all Crowd Funder projects if the target is not met or exceeded the funds are not released. At the time of writing over 20% of the target has been met, but more money is needed if the project is to be successful. Money can be pledged easily by clicking on the link https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/cornish-language-nursery and by clicking ‘Pledge’ on the home page. There is a reward given for every pledge, if the project reaches its target, so please dig deep.

Cornwall is the only Celtic country without a nursery that teaches through the medium of its ancient Celtic language and as Professor Ken MacKinnon pointed out in his academic report in to the Cornish language:
“Without a developed playgroup stage, the prospects for the wider provision of Cornish in primary schooling may be difficult.”

Please help MSM ensure that the first Cornish language OfSTED registered nursery in the world is set up and ready to open its doors to the children of Cornwall in 2014.”

Michael Chappell


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