• October 10, 2023

The Manx language festival Cooish is on in November I get a press release via Breesha Maddrell who says:

“The Cooish is a fun and friendly festival which takes place annually, and is organised by the community for the community. This year’s festival features 21 events across the island, from a family-friendly bingo night, through to cocktail making in Manx!

Absolute beginners can enjoy a range of events, from open classes and workshops, through to song and music nights, and there are events pitched at confident speakers too. There are also events for little ones, with an easy Manx songs and rhymes sessions for parents and tots, run by Mini Musicians by Mannin Music.”

It’s a small intimate friendly gathering aimed mainly at Islanders but if you are over on holiday or visiting you can be assured of a welcome.

More details watch the Culture Vannin pages:


Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League (4th October 2023)

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The Celtic League
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