• April 24, 2020

Full Disclosure Needed on Tepper Aviation and Phoenix Air Aircraft at Shannon  (Shannonwatch.org  19 April 2020)

At least three aircraft with links to companies that operated rendition flights for the CIA passed through Shannon Airport over the past few weeks. While we have no evidence to indicate that they are involved in renditions now, recent history tells us that it’s important to question their presence at Shannon and to get explanations about their activities.

Phoenix Air and Tepper Aviation planes are now being used to take people with Covid-19 through Shannon. We should know about it, given the health risks involved. And if they are doing something else at Shannon we should also know about it. . Covid-19 cannot now be used as an excuse to once again let US government-linked planes go through Shannon without oversight or inspection. We need to know what and who is on board. Full inspection and disclosure by the Irish authorities is imperative. 

Concern has been expressed about the possible spread of the coronavirus by US troops passing through Shannon Airport. John Lannon from ShannonWatch said that they had recorded a number of  US troop carriers landing in Shannon in April.

Comments stated: “There are reports that coronavirus has spread in American military camps, … having these planes land at Shannon creates additional unnecessary risk for people working at Shannon, and for the population of Ireland as a whole” and “This is ongoing, it did not stop when lockdowns were put in place, in fact they have been continuing non-stop, the airline crews are staying in a local hotel and the Omnies have been for years and continue too. While the country is in lockdown the rules do not apply to the US military in Shannon. Why????.”

Irish Branch , Celtic League 23rd April 2020

 ( Extracts from https://www.facebook.com/pg/Shannonwatch-268685181500/posts/?ref=page_internal)

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