• January 22, 2021

Nation Cymru have an article sounding the alarm here about cuts to funding for the National Library of Wales. The National Library is not just an invaluable repository but also an iconic institution in terms of Welsh National identity.

When the Celtic League first General Secretary, the late Alan Heusaff, was looking to deposit records from the early decades of the Celtic League he chose the National Library of Wales. Since that time other items have been deposited by the League and it also cross references researchers in its Celtic League archives with the League military monitoring files which are held in the Library of Manx National Heritage.

This article from Nation Cymru sets out the current concerns:

“The National Library of Wales is one of Wales’ best ever creations. Since 1907 the Library has served as our national memory. It’s unique in the world as an amalgam of national library, national archive, art store and gallery, broadcasting and media collection, electronic storehouse, and much more.

“Without it, Wales, which has never been a rich country, would be infinitely poorer. But today the very existence of the National Library is in question.

The Library is currently in consultation with its remaining employees about losing a further thirty staff, in addition to the roughly 100 posts that have been lost since 2010. This would leave just 200 people in post, which is a number nowhere near enough to keep essential services running.

“Between 2008 and 2019 the Library has lost 40 per cent of its income. Already many activities have been cut back severely, and public services compromised. To put it simply, if these new cuts go through, and are followed by yet more, the Library cannot survive as a working institution.”…

Full article at this link:


Image: National Library of Wales – Inset: The late Alan Heusaff first General Secretary of the Celtic League.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (21st January 2021)

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