• December 6, 2016

Celtic League have written follow-up correspondence to Children’s Commissioners in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland asking what steps they are taking to monitor possible abuse in the military cadet forces.

We wrote to them last year when it was revealed that the MOD had paid out a multimillion pound sum to hush up cases of abuse.

As we point out the problem is not unique to the UK and this year a Royal Commission is enquiring into abuse in the cadet forces in Australia spanning a decade and a half.

The Australian authorities obviously take a tougher line in relation to their young people there is no talk of hush-money pay outs.

A copy of the letter to the Children’s Commissioner for Wales is set out below parallel correspondence was sent to the other two Commissioners:

“Children’s Commissioner for Wales
Sally Holland
Oystermouth House
Phoenix Way

3rd December 2016

Dear Commissioner,

Recalling our correspondence to the Commissioner in January 2015 about abuse including sexual abuse in the UK military cadet forces and the settlement by the Ministry of Defence of claims totalling many millions of pounds.

Can I ask if you have taken any steps to monitor child safety in the military cadet forces and ascertain of any abuse has taken place in your area of jurisdiction.

Sadly it seems this problem seems to be endemic in military cadet forces and I understand a Royal Commission is currently enquiring into a similar issue in Australia.

I have not enclosed the links I sent previously as you will find them in the earlier correspondence however I do look forward to hearing what steps if any you have taken to investigate this matter .

Yours sincerely

J B Moffatt (Mr)
pp Celtic League”

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pp Celtic League Military Monitoring.



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