• January 10, 2020

The UK is facing allegations of crimes against humanity for failing to allow the Chagos Islanders to return to their homeland.

The United Kingdom has already had a judgement against it by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and this illustrates the pressure is still on.

The Chagossian people were evicted using brutal methods by the UK military in the 1960s. Islanders said they were forced onto vessels and some died on the way to Mauritius. The islanders livestock were gassed and they have since said they feared for their children’s safety,

Celtic League is one of a number of NGOs that has campaigned for the right if the Chagos people to return home. We first started campaigning two decades ago and more recently sought to have the identity of the units and individuals involved in the expulsion identified. The UK said it could not provide the information.



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Surprisingly as fellow Islanders the Manx Government has never publicly rebuked the UK over their stance and via Commonwealth environmental bodies has even cooperated in projects in the displaced Islanders homeland – disgraceful.

Image: Diego Garcia site of a US military base the UK lease exploiting the Islanders home for their own gain

Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (27 December 2019)

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