• April 7, 2017

The Celtic Media Festival, is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting and film from Alba (Scotland), Éire (Ireland), Cymru (Wales), Mannin (Isle of Man), Kernow (Cornwall) and Breizh (Brittany).  The festival aims to promote the languages and cultures of the Celtic nations in film, television, radio and new media. The festival has existed for nearly forty years and hosted in turn in different of the Celtic nations. This years event is being held on Mannin (Isle of Man) on the 3 – 5 May. The Torc Awards are presented to the winners in various categories. The festival also presents a Gold Torc to the winner of Spirit of the Festival Award. This is a film or television programme wholly or substantially in a Celtic language that encapsulates the spirit of the Celtic Media Festival. The programme for this years event can be seen here on the Festival’s website.

Issued by Alastair Kneale, Celtic League 07/04/17

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