• May 18, 2015


The news that Police Scotland is to seek access to a recently declassified US Senate Report into CIA rendition using Scottish Airports including Prestwick as stop-offs when illegally detained persons were transported to torture centres is a clear vindication of over ten years of campaigning by the Celtic League and other Rights groups.

Over ten years ago the Celtic League pressed the (then) Strathclyde Police to investigate the allegations.

In November 2005 we again pressed the force when new evidence came to light.

In January 2006 we again pressed the issue and notified the Council of Europe CPT about what we believed were shortcomings on the part of Strathclyde Police in pursuing the matter. We also asked Strathclyde Police why they were covering the issue up.

Later in 2006 we wrote to the Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland questioning the effectiveness of Strathclyde Police.

In 2007 an EU report ‘blasted’ the UK government and enforcement agencies for failing to address possible crimes committed during rendition.

In 2009 we condemned Strathclyde Police for doing nothing about the rendition enquiry but arresting and harassing airport protesters.

In 2012 and 2013 we once again pressed both the Police and Scottish Justice Department for a new Rendition probe. Also in 2013 Strathclyde Police told us that they faced difficulties because Airports ‘only kept records for three months’? We pointed out that ‘plane spotters’ had logged the offending aircraft whose serial numbers were well known for years.

In December 2014 the US report into CIA Torture once again put the use of Airports in Scotland and Ireland for rendition back on the agenda.

Finally it appears the new Police Scotland is to take action – watch this space!

In tandem with the above we pursued a separate but related enquiry with An Garda Siochána about the use of Shannon Airport. To be fair, they did launch an investigation and contact the League, but ultimately this was inconclusive and political pressures seem to have seen it kicked into the long grass. Any ‘stones’ that police Scotland ‘turn over’ on the issue may yet force the Irish Police to once again revisit the issue.

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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