• October 30, 2017

The Celtic League welcomes the news that Catalunya has unilaterally declared independence from Spain (27th October 2017) and now proposes to peacefully begin the process of implementation.
We now hope to see the smooth and peaceful transfer of legal powers from Spain to an independent Catalan Republic. If Spain maintains its obstructive stance against Catalunya and attempts to impose direct rule over Catalan institutions and the economy, against the acknowledged rights of a people to pursue self-determination, then it is imperative that only peaceful resistance is used.
We are aware that Spain, with the support of the majority of ministers in the European Commission, is likely to continue to condemn and try to hinder the Catalan independence process. However, we would like you to take heart at the historic precedents that have occurred before. In the 1918 elections in Ireland, Sinn Féin won 75% of the Irish seats in the Westminster parliamentary elections, but then promptly withdrew from that parliament and set up Dáil Éireann, the Irish Parliament. The declaration of an Irish Republic was then ratified at the first meeting of the Dáil in Jan 1919. Subsequently the English government tried to suppress the Dáil, which led to the Irish war of independence. This was a direct result of the suppression of a democratic mandate by an imperial power. Spain should learn from this.
We condemn the EU support for the Spanish state. Other countries in Europe have made the transition to independence peacefully (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia for example) and the EU welcomed these and should heed the Catalonian call for the EU to assist in a negotiated transition to independence.
In trying to suppress the Catalan Parliament and the newly formed Republic of Catalunya, history will remember the Spanish government as the aggressors and those who deny human rights by violence and/or quasi legal means.
It may take a few years for the Catalunya experience to be accepted by the international community and there may be some internal strife to work through initially, but we know from history that political freedom is usually hard fought if it is to be won. Signs of positive support for the Catalan cause within Europe have already been heard among parliamentarians, and sympathies seem to have been expressed within the governments of Finland and Belgium. We also believe that it is highly likely that other non-European countries will recognise the Republic of Catalunya sooner rather than later. 
Meanwhile, we will continue to urge the governments and administrations within the six Celtic countries of Alba (Scotland), Breizh (Brittany), Cymru (Wales), Éire (Ireland), Kernow (Cornwall) and Mannin (Isle of Man) to formally recognise the Republic of Catalunya and encourage them to petition for recognition among other governments of the world, in particular in those States where we have Celtic League branches.
Congratulations on making this bold step and good luck in forming your own independent futures. We stand by you in solidarity.

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