• August 16, 2010

The Archdruid, Gerallt Edmwnds, visited the community of Chubut on 28th July 2010, in celebration of the arrival of the first immigrants to the region from Wales.

Patagonia Branch Secretary, Monica Jones, reported in her latest communication with the League’s General Secretary (GS) that Archdruid Edmwnds visited the Chubut community to mark the anniversary, which included festivities involving members of the Branch. Mrs Jones the first Welsh colonialists endeavoured to work in harmony with the native inhabitants of Patagonia in a peaceful and respectful way. Mrs Jones, who speaks Welsh and Spanish, wrote to the GS of the League to keep the organisation up to date with developments within the branch since it was established last year.

Mrs Jones said that the branch have been active in the promotion of the Celtic culture and Welsh language in particular in Chubut. She explained that there have been a number of cultural activities that the branch has been involved in over the last few months and descriptions and photos of many of them have been uploaded onto the website:


The branch are looking forward to the Celtic Feast of Patagonia later this year, where the Celtic culture and Welsh language are celebrated, in one of the most important events in the Patagonian calendar. Mrs Jones said that the branch would like to invite a delegation from the Celtic League to Chubut to take part in the Celtic Feast, which in her view would be an important boost for the branch as a whole.
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