• November 8, 2011

In her report to the 50th AGM of the Celtic League the Editor of Carn records the improvements in Carn over the past 15 years and also outlines how reliable and supportive printers in Dublin have ensured stability of production and enabled us to operate to a fixed tight budget.

The Editor, Patricia Bridson, indicated her willingness to carry on as Editor until the end of the budgeted period agreed at the 2009 AGM.

Her edited report to the AGM, which will be elaborated on by the Convenor and General Secretary, is set out in full below:

” EDITOR’S REPORT Celtic League AGM ALBA 2011

Having taken over as editor in 1985, some 26 years ago, with the help and instruction from my husband, Cathal Ó Luain, Carn 49 was produced in the Spring of that year. In the early years layout was done manually and the printers received camera ready copy. Looking back over the issues, now on our website, one can see a gradual improvement in the issues and in the last 15 years or so the improvement has been dramatic due to advances in computerised design.

Earlier on the production of Carn moved around some of the Celtic countries – Mannin and Cymru – but in 2000 we were very fortunate to locate Elo Press in Dublin and in 2003 when Elo closed down we moved on with ex – employees who set up there own design company, CRM, who offered us similar terms to Elo and had the advantage of being familiar with Carn. Their package is extremely efficient and financially reasonable. Given a rough layout CRM are able to have Carn ready for the printers within a matter of a day or so. CRM located the printers and at a total cost of €——- Carn is now produced (excluding postage), but this includes packaging and delivery to Post Office and of course a PDF copy of Carn. This stability has been of great advantage as we have a very good working relationship which means very few delays.

It was also decided at a previous year’s AGM that Carn would continue to be produced for a further three years – 2012…

Since the last AGM four issues of Carn have been produced [147 – 150] and I am now working on Carn 151, which I hoped to have ready before this AGM, however some material was late in coming in and in addition it was deemed better that a report of this AGM would be included. I am glad to say that Carn is once again back on schedule.

Overall all issues reached a high standard and I would like to take the= opportunity of thanking contributors, the Chairman and those sub editors who worked hard to achieve this. A special thanks to Mike Chappell who worked hard as both secretary and sub editor.

Pat Bridson October 2011″

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