• September 20, 2020

Carn arrives and as usual never ceases to astonish with a rich mix of articles. There’s everything from a brief piece on ‘radioactive mud’ to Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland, finding a ‘Celtic League’ in Los Angeles in 1906. It’s contained in a book review by Celtic League stalwart Padraig O Snodaigh.

Print quality is excellent as always and indeed the illustrations to the Manx language article about the changes at the Department of Education (of Graham Cregeen and Alex Allinson) do them more justice than some of the illustrations in local media!

The articles range over the predictable e.g. the result of the election and formation of a new government in Ireland and the surge in Wales for YES CYMRU. There’s the topical, e.g an item on pandemics in Brittany. The difficulties and issues facing local print media in the internet age also get an airing.

There’s a piece about Galicia in the Irish section while Breizh has several articles on Breton in schools, its successes and difficulties highlighted. Speaking of language in schools, the Manx section has a brief congratulatory piece to Annie Kissack on her retirement after many years teaching at the Bunscoill. Mannin also has a item on new ‘leftist’ political parties and two articles focusing on Mann’s defence arrangements with the United Kingdom.

Did you know an element of Welsh history or legend is better known in Hungary where it’s taught to every Hungarian pupil in their final year in primary school than it is in Wales. You would if you read Carn – so what’s the implications for how Welsh history is taught?

There’s all this and much more! As the Editor’s note on the back cover says: ‘Carn is a unique publication. As the subtitle on the front cover clearly states, it is a Link Between the Celtic Nations and was founded in 1973 by the Celtic League, it has always been funded through private subscriptions and by members of the Celtic League….’

Carn has come a long way since 1973 with YOUR HELP it can keep to its publishing schedule as a unique source of news on the Celtic countries.


Image: Screenshot of the rear cover – ‘colour publication from front to back’.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (14th September 2020)

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