• May 23, 2020

Carn 176 Spring/Summer 2020 the journal of the Celtic League is being distributed after a short delay caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Branch Secretaries should be circulating the latest issue to members as this notice is published.

Details on how to subscribe to Carn are carried on our website. It is published thrice yearly and is available as part of your membership subscription. There are a small number for sale but we keep Carn productions and costs pretty tight so the BEST WAY TO ENSURE a copy is via membership.

The journal has one article in each of the six Celtic languages with articles in the balance of each National Section and the Celtica Section in English.

The submission of articles in either the six Celtic languages or English on matters pertaining to the Celtic countries is welcome but publication is strictly at the discretion of the editor and sub editors.

The publication is high quality with illustrations in colour.

Image: Front cover of Carn 176

Find your National contact at this link:


Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (18th May 2020)

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