• February 10, 2016


I thought I would give this photograph an outing not to facetious but because when we ran a post some weeks ago following Local Authority member Ian Davison’s query about Alan Corlett’s appointment as a Parish Captain and what sought of democratic accountability surrounded the appointment of Captains of the Parish (CotP) I thought he raised a valid point.

Mr Corlett, as our original post outlined, is from a well known Peel family and prominent in local groups particularly the lifeboat so I suppose in ‘Governor parlance’ he is a ‘good egg’! He probably is – but that was not the point.

At the time Mr Davison raised the issue it was said that the CofP role is simply symbolic but at a time when there is a call for more participatory democracy why not with the right people in post put them to some use.

Presently they can be asked to call requisition meetings at election times and also if a contentious issue arises Chair a public meeting.

But for goodness sake just because we have had these functionaries for years is there any reason to maintain the Office just because it has ‘always’ existed.

Some years ago Douglas Corporation decided to get rid of the Aldermanic bench. I seem to remember at the times there was almost as much controversy over that as over the recent decision over the Horse Trams – says a lot for the Aldermen!

If Captains of the Parish are worth having they should have a worthwhile role and function otherwise the Office should be culled.

Give them a purpose or get shut! Oh and Ian Davison was right they should have a degree of democratic legitimacy the days when ‘the great, the good and the worthy’ were just slotted into place has no place in a modern society.

Finally, Davison raised it the issue, some of the media commented and then what happened – nothing!

It’s just not good enough when Bell’s government blather how valued local authority members are urging us to support the elections you would think the least they might do is take note when they say something. But then I suppose that’s too much to hope for from this arrogant Tynwald and government!


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