• October 19, 2011

“It was clear within minutes that we had been lured to Downing Street under false pretences by a disreputable Government led by a dishonourable man.”

This was the reaction of Geraldine Finucane, widow of murdered Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane, after David Cameron announced to her and members of her family that he was asking a QC to `review’ the papers on her husbands murder and would not be establishing a full independent inquiry.

The United Kingdom (under Tony Blair) had previously indicated a full inquiry would be held and commenting on Cameron’s decision Mrs Finucane said:

“His actions prove beyond doubt that the word of the British Prime Minister is not to be trusted. The case of Pat Finucane shows that British prime ministers no longer keep their promises.”

Pat Finucane was shot dead by a masked gang from the UDA (Ulster Defence Association) in 1989 at his home in front of his family.

It has since been revealed that the British army via the shadowy Force Research Unit (FRU) colluded with the UDA for two decades.

Over ten years ago the Scottish Sunday Herald revealed that the FRU had probably colluded in up to 14 murders by passing senstive information to the UDA. Indeed a former Officer in the FRU told the Herald:

”There’s no doubt about this. My unit was guilty of conspiring in the murder of civilians in Northern Ireland, on about 14 occasions.”

Subsequently a report into collusion by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens concluded that:

• Actions or omissions by security forces led to deaths of innocent people

• Murders of solicitor Pat Finucane and student Adam Lambert could have been prevented.

• Collusion in both murders of Pat Finucane and Adam Lambert

Additionally an investigation (The Cory Collusion Inquiry) by retired Canadian Supreme Court Judge, Peter Cory recommended that the Finucane murder and that of another solicitor Rosemary Nelson should be the subject of public inquiries.

It is clear from the treatment which the Finucane family received this week that the United Kingdom want to close the book on the use by the British Army of murder-gangs in Northern Ireland. International pressure needs to be mobilised to thwart this cover-up.


Sunday Herald FRU articles here:


Stevens inquiry at the Pat Finucane website


All the Cory collusion inquiry reports can be accessed via Wiki here:


(Article compiled and researched by Bernard Moffatt DOI Celtic League)

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