• May 14, 2010

A non-political pressure group is calling for the Imperial War Museum in London to return the banner of the Irish Republican youth movement, Na Fianna Éireann, which was stolen by British Army troops looting homes in Ireland following the 1916 Easter Rising.

The An Gal Gréine, (Sunburst) banner of Na Fianna Éireann was taken from the Dublin home of the famous revolutionary figure, Countess Markievicz, and brought to Britain.

The Imperial War Museum must be aware that its provenance is suspect and it is hoped that this new campaign will lead to its speedy restoration to Ireland.

The significant role of the young people Na Fianna Éireann during the Rising is little known outside of Ireland so the campaign will also serve a dual focus in highlighting their importance to the overall Easter struggle.

The issue once again highlights the issue of artefact theft by United Kingdom institutions and indicates that culturally such bodies have still to come to terms with the dubious nature of many of their historical acquisitions.

There is a facebook page for the `Bring It Home – An Gal Gréine’ campaign and Celtic League members and supporters are urged to contribute:


J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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