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The General Secretary (GS) of the League has written to the Secretary General of the United Nations urging him to call for an “impartial, credible and unbiased independent investigation” into the Israeli attack on the `The Freedom Flotilla’.

In his letter the GS also said the Gaza blockade was a “humanitarian disaster that has caused enormous suffering” and says that it should end. In addition the GS also said that Israel should be held accountable for its actions, just like any other state.

Irish peace activists played a prominent role in the `Freedom Flotilla’ and one vessel the MV Rachel Corrie sailed directly from Ireland (see link).

The full text of the letter to the UN Secretary General can be found below.

Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary General

United Nations


Dear Ban Ki-Moon

Blockade of Gaza by Israel

The world was rightly outraged by the Israeli attack on `The Freedom Flotilla’ on 31st May 2010 when 9 people were killed and dozens injured by the Israeli Defence Forces following their illegal boarding of the MV Mavi Marmara, one of the ships in the flotilla, while in international waters.

The 718 passengers that made up the flotilla, who were hoping to bring an end to the blockade of Gaza by Israel, derived from 37 different countries from around the world. In attacking the flotilla, Israel in effect also attacked the international community, but has not accepted blame for this or been dealt a subsequent punishment. Instead the message that Israel received was that it can act in any way it sees fit to protect its own interests.

The Celtic League would like you to call for an impartial, credible and unbiased independent investigation into the attack on `The Freedom Flotilla’, so that Israel sees that it cannot act in any unlawful way it sees fit. We believe that Israel should be held to account for its actions, just like any other state and for this reason at our last annual general meeting, the following resolution was passed unanimously:

“Cáineann an Chruinniu Chinn Bhliana seo an t-ionsaí marfach a rinne Iosrael ar an loingeas cabhrach idirnáisiúnta `An Cabhlachán Saoirse’ agus an imshuí ar Gaza. Éilíonn muid ar na Náisiún Aontaithe fiosrúcháin neamhspléach idirnáisiúnta a chur ar bun agus feidhmiú le iachall a cur ar Isreal an imshuí `dárdú.”

(This AGM condemns the murderous attack by Israel on the international aid fleet `The Freedom Flotilla’ and the blockade if Gaza. We call on the United Nations to hold an independent international inquiry and to take measures to make Israel
lift the blockade.)

In failing to call for an independent inquiry, as highlighted above, the United Nations is sending out the wrong message to the world and is showing how ineffectual it is as an organisation. The blockade of Gaza has gone on for long enough and has brought about a humanitarian disaster

that has caused enormous suffering. We urge the United Nations to take action to ensure that Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza on humanitarian grounds and we hope that you and the Security Council will take a lead on this with immediate effect.

Yours sincerely

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

General Secretary

Celtic League

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This article prepared for Celtic News by Rhisiart Tal-e-bot General Secretary Celtic League. For follow-up comment or clarification contact:

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