• February 4, 2016


Scottish blogger Paul Kavanagh surpasses even his own acerbic record today with a piece on the rabid ravings of the English right wing of the conservative party as epitomised by a Daily Mail rant entitled ‘Who will speak for England’.

As he correctly notes at times like this the United Kingdom suddenly becomes distilled down to England. The Scots, Welsh etc don’t matter as for the dependencies they are totally irrelevant. Allan Bell the Manx Chief Minister may as well ‘whistle dixie’ if he thinks the Isle of Man has even surfaced as a blip on ‘the radar’ in this debate.

Of the Mail Editorial he says:

“Its front page editorial was a ranting demand that the Brexit campaign gets its act together and ensures that the United Kingdom is taken out of the European Union and into a mid-Atlantic neo-conservative dystopia even more nightmarish than the one we’re currently trapped in. The Mail’s wet dream is to turn Britain into a low wage economy with no worker’s rights and where everything has been privatised. They want to turn us into the shit kicking bits of the USA only with worse weather and bad food.”

Good grief Mail readers don’t have to Brexit they just need to pop ‘offshore’ as that is exactly what the last few Manx governments have turned the Isle of Man into.

Paul also waxes lyrical about the Mails fixation with ‘the Germans’ and World War 2 saying:

“Not so deep down in the psyche of the English right, we’re still fighting WW2.”

Coincidentally I was reading this as an email dropped into my mail box from Culture Vannin signposting their latest ‘big project’ of videos on the Second World War. For a dreadful moment I thought the Daily Mail had also infiltrated Culture Vannin but then I saw the videos are compiled by Charles Guard so they should be objective.

Only the other day I highlighted the fixation we seem to have with British militarism and there doesn’t seem to be a day go by without the radio blasting something out or someone in uniform leering out of the newspaper going on about this or that to do with the second or first (by the Mails definition) ‘English World Wars’.

When will the guns fall silent I wonder? I understood from my knowledge of history that peace was declared in 1945. I must have been wrong!

Paul Kavanagh’s blog (referred to) is at this link:


Vera Lynn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdsH6c6T9lc


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