• January 18, 2016


The news that tickets for Elizabrits birthday bash in the Mall will cost £150 and that most of those shelling out will be charities has provoked an acerbic reaction from our favourite Scottish blogger ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ aka Paul Kavanagh.

Here’s a snatch from his article:

“The most sickening aspect of the £150 birthday bash is that the invitees are the charities that Liz is patron of. It’s churlish to complain really. When an immensely wealthy individual who has a connection to your charity asks your charity for £150 a pop, money which could have gone towards helping the poor or disabled or finding a cure for a horrible disease, and instead to spend it on a party that she can’t be arsed paying for herself despite her £1.9 billion fortune, and on making her already privileged grandson even more privileged, then you’re being well and truly patronised.

“For your £150, you’ll get a place at a trestle table in the street, a part share in a hamper containing quintessentially British products, and a paper flag. Huzzah! You may get waved at by some minor inbred type that even Nicholas Witchell would struggle to recognise, and if you’re really unlucky you’ll get interviewed by the state sycophant in chief himself. Nick will ask you some thought provoking and penetrating questions, like just how marvellous do you think the royal family is? Are they simply marvellous, utterly marvellous, marvellously marvellous, or like Nick do you wet yourself in marvellous excitement every time someone says Duchess of Cambridge.”

He continues in cutting style:

“The royal family in the UK are what passes for a sense of national identity. Britishness is vacuous and meaningless and the UK operates to privilege the rich and well connected, and so it’s entirely appropriate that Britishness is symbolised by a vacuous and meaningless family who are famous for their wealth, their privilege and their connections. The news on Friday was full of the news of the first British spacewalk, the first time that an emblem of Britishness has appeared in a vacuum. But that’s only true if you don’t count the vacuum between Prince Charles’s ears.”

The full blog can be found here:


I would recommend the other recent articles on the site as well.

Photograph: Elizabrit who actually is so special she gets TWO birthdays one in April and another in June. Anyway look forward to the Birthdays Honours and another batch of Manx nonentities plucked from obscurity – who knows in the closing days of his administration Allan may get a mention!


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