• December 2, 2015


Have you been thinking about pollinators lately? I thought not! The British Irish Council (BIC) was thinking about them the other day indeed they considered a report on them.

This is a piece from the gobbledegook press releases that accompany these events:

“Finally, the Council considered a paper prepared by the BIC Environment work sector which focused on Natural Capital and resources, including a case study on pollinators. The Council affirmed the importance of collaboration on this matter, discussed the role of a natural capital framework and agreed to work together to further their collective understanding of Natural Capital and its benefits.”

A plethora of leaders, including Allan Bell, from the dependencies and the devolved administration got together in London with Theresa Villiers, she’s the nonentity that is currently Secretary of State for N Ireland and if you think I’m being rude that’s what British politicians are on record as regarding the N Ireland portfolio as a ‘non-event’ while you wait hopefully to be appointed to some better Ministerial post.

A good proportion of the Isle of Man population are in debt or facing poverty indeed according to Eddie Teare the Island collectively has quite a bit of debt and where’s Allan Bell he’s down in London for a photo-op with Theresa Villiers et al (pic below).

You could not make this stuff up but obviously the apparatchiks who provide Civil service support have no difficulty listen to this an extract from the rather grandly titled ‘Communiqué’:

“The Economy:

The Council discussed the economic situation across the Member Administrations and considered the continued improvements in their respective Administrations. All administrations reaffirmed the value of the Council’s discussions in this matter. The Council also reviewed the latest youth employment statistics across the Member Administrations and they welcomed the progress in this area.”

There’s no substance it’s just rubbish Civil Service speak for using a lot of words to say nothing.

This next bit from the ‘Energy’ sector is hilarious (or would be if we were not paying for these junkets.
“In accordance with the principles the Council further agreed that the two subgroups which form the BIC Energy work sector should merge. The Energy work sector was established in 2009 as: Marine Energy (led by the Scottish Government) and Electricity Grids (led by the UK Government). In the time since the two groups were established their policy focus has become more closely aligned. The Scottish and UK Governments will remain as joint Chairs of the group which will continue to look at both Marine Energy and Electricity Grids and which will focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing in relation to research and funding.”

It’s the Committee equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You would think Allan Bell would have something better to do with his time at a point where some of the Islands population face real suffering and fuel poverty this winter.

Oh pollinators! Is it about bees? Whatever it must be riveting stuff before they adjourn for another lunch at our expense.

The full text of their Communiqué is here if you want to addle your brain:


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