• November 21, 2014

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Yesterday (20th November 2014) members of the French Parliament (l’Assemblée Nationale) voted not to support Breton Reunification.

In a deeply disappointing result only 68 French MP’s attended the debate out of the 577 elected French MP’s who were eligible to vote. 47 MP’s voted against the amendment that proposed to reunify Breizh (Brittany) – a once in a generation opportunity for the historic territory to be reunited after the Celtic nation was originally partitioned by the (Nazi) Vichy France government in 1941.

A member reported to the Celtic League Council:

“As to be expected many of the MP’s who voted in favour of the reunification amendment were Breton and several fiery speeches made, which made the travesty of democracy doubly frustrating, because the words fell on deaf ears…it is a disgrace…

“Earlier the French Minister of the Interior stated that in France there are no Bretons, Corsicans, Alsatians or anything else; there are only French people in France.”

Another member reported: “There is a strong will to erase any form of identity and regionalism and that the French Republic is one and indivisible, which is similar to what we have seen in the past, but in a different way this time (making laws that cannot be discussed and without the consent of the people).”

However, as stated previously the reunification of Breizh is an expectation of the Celtic League and the organisation will continue to campaign on the issue until our demand of Breton reunification is met in full.




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