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We are always keen to report on events in Brittany and reinforce the ties within the Celtic League to that country.

In many ways the Bretons face the greatest challenges of all the Celtic people being dominated by the ‘dead-hand’ of authoritarian and centralist French governments. It is therefore important that we maintain strong links and underpin the solidarity of the other Celtic countries with the struggle of Breton nationalists.

Our Breton colleague, Dominig Kervegant, has submitted the news report below (News from Brittany) which I hope will be the first of a regular series of updates from both Dominig and other Breton colleagues:

“News from Brittany

Item 1:

UDB 11/5/2015

A crucial Regional election – December 2015

UDB (Breton Democratic Union) militants have voted in favour of a resolution for not forming a ticket neither with the French Socialist Party (PS) nor the green party (EELV). They have chosen instead to have their own list.
The current socialist Defence Minister, Jean-Yves le Drian is meant to lead the socialist into the elections in Brittany.

This move by UDB is not a real surprise following the pathetic choice of both the government and the parliament not to allow the Reunification of Brittany in a final vote in December 2014. Even EELV have shown “Jacobin” tendencies lately, very similar to those of the French Socialist Party.

One question remains: Will UDB and Christian Troadec – historical leader of the Red Caps/Bonedoù Ruz/Bonnets Rouges – find some kind of agreement in the coming weeks to work together?

Any further move will be closely monitored!


Item 2:

Railway regional network 25/5/2015

No more direct links between Kemper/Quimper and Nantes/Naoned?
A report led by a socialist member of the French National Assembly has concluded that regional railway links (Intercity network) have become too expensive – no surprise!

This could sever essential ties between the western part of Brittany and Nantes/Naoned, its capital.

This move by the French state would constitute another obstacle against the Reunification of Brittany.

Christian Troadec, the mayor of Karaez/Carhaix in Kreiz Breizh/Centre Brittany declared that it was the duty of the Regional Council of Brittany to deal with the issue.


Item 3:

Teaching of Breton in jeopardy 20/5/2015

No more Breton lessons during the first year of secondary education?

Huge concerns following the reform of the state education system. The French Minister of Education, Mrs Vallaud-Belkacen has taken the decision of not teaching Latin and Ancient Greek anymore. More decisions have been taken regarding the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. A consequence of which, not foreseen before, would also seriously hinder the teaching of Breton in secondary schools and create a damageable break in what is supposed to be a complete cursus – from nursery school to university.

Paul Molac (UDB, Brittany) and Armand Jung (Socialist, Alsace), both members of the French National Assembly, have raised the issue which constitutes another attack against already endangered languages.

This is also a very serious concern for Diwan (Teaching of Breton through immersion).

(In Bordeaux, David Grosclaude, a very well known Occitan activist and member of the Regional Council of Aquitaine has just started a hunger strike following the fact that decisions taken regarding Occitan haven’t been put into application. Members of the Regional Council of Aquitaine and that of Midi-Pyrénées had voted measures to support Occitan but the French state doesn’t really want to commit itself and respect the decision taken by the two regional assemblies. Bretons have already shown him their support.)

Petition to be signed on line:


Occitanie – Bordeaux – Grève de la faim du conseiller régional d’Aquitaine David Grosclaude

Diwan Bretagne – Facebook

Item 4:

Reunification of Brittany June 2015

DIBAB gathering pace

Dibab, “the choice”, have managed to put in place public votes (unofficial referendums) in quite a few towns and villages. The first vote took place in Saint-Viaud, in Loire-Atlantique, the département where Nantes is situated. Since that first vote in December, the movement has been gathering much pace and June will see more votes – 8 votes altogether.

Dibab follows the example of Catalonia and their aim is to prove to the French state, once again, that more than 70% of the population of Brittany are in favour of the Reunification and the return of Nantes/Naoned to the region.

Dibab offers a package that people can use to organise their own local elections.

Dominig Kervegant”

You can access other Breton news at:

Agence Bretagne Presse



J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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