• August 23, 2019

As France gears up for the G7 in Biarritz in a few days time there is a demonstration tomorrow in Nantes over the arrest of an Italian (Vicenzo Vecchi) who took part in G8 demos almost two decades ago. The Breton news site 7seizh reports:

“An Italian national refugee in Brittany (Rochefort-en-Terre) for 8 years, recently arrested and currently imprisoned in Rennes, Vincenzo is threatened with extradition to Italy where justice, under a fascist law dating from 1930, sentenced him to 12 years in prison for taking part in the anti-G8 protests in Genoa in 2001, and an anti-fascist rally in Milan in 2006. The rally will be followed for those who wish meeting for the constitution of a support committee from Nantes to Vincenzo Vecchi.

Full report at this link:


Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested by a specialised unit of the National Police the BNRF.

The demonstration will take place in front of the prefecture in Nantes tomorrow.

Four days ago there was a similar large demonstration in Rennes in Brittany supporting Vincenzo (see image)

Image, Rennes demo – Inset Vincenzo Vecchi poster

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Celtic League (18/08/2019)

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