• October 1, 2018

There is a big demonstration calling for the reunification of parts of Brittany hived of by Vichy France in 1941 in Nantes today 29th September.

The demo is organised by th 44+Bzh campaign group.

The Celtic League has long supported the campaign for reunification and the issue has been the subject of several agm resolutions.

In 2014 the Celtic League General Secretary wrote to the French government reiterating our position. He said:

“It is our view in the Celtic countries that the rightful place for the Loire-Atlantique department is as a part of Brittany, as it has been historically. In terms of identity, culture and heritage the Loire-Atlantique department is Breton and to continue with its partition, whether it is with the Pays-de-la-Loire region or part of an artificial region, is not acceptable for us, because it represents a deliberate attempt to weaken the distinct historic territory of Brittany, as was the case when it was first created under the fascist Vichy French regime.

He went on:

”The French government have an opportunity to show the world that democratic freedom is a right that is respected in French constitutional law. It is our view that the missing territory should be rejoined with the rest of Brittany without delay or a referendum held to ask the people of Loire-Atlantique what they want.

The reunification debate should not and will not go away, because annexation of the historic Breton territory represents a stain on the French political system that needs to be held up for the injustice that it is”.

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Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring

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