• June 3, 2014

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Politically and linguistically advances have slowly been made in the strengthening of the Celtic countries as distinct entities in their own right over the last twenty years. Despite some minor setbacks the Celtic countries have been making progressing towards a feasible goal over that period that could realistically mean one day that they will be making decisions about their own current and future aspirations.

However, even though the majority of Celtic countries have some sense of political autonomy and hope for the future, there is one nation among our Celtic family of nations that continually finds itself on the ‘back foot’. Breizh (Brittany), under the control and colonial administration of the State of France hasn’t been given quarter. Aggressive French assimilationist policies, with political persecution and the deliberate destruction of the Breton language being the norm, it is incredible that the Breton people exist today as a Celtic people at all. However, the French State seems determined to do all it can, within the loose constraints of international controls, to vanquish this ancient Celtic Breton nation by assimilating it completely into a French political, cultural and linguistic construct. The Breton language is dying at an alarming rate, virtually no political devolutionary concessions have been granted and even though Breton culture appears vibrant, it is kept firmly under French administrative control.

The announcement yesterday of plans that will be discussed today (3rd June 2014) by French President François Hollande that further change the territorial borders of Breizh, are totally out of step with acceptable political practice in the treatment of minority peoples internationally. If the proposed changes are implemented, in the way that they are intended, then Hollande will be harking back to a Fascist past, out of character with the political advances that have moved Europe forward over the last generation.

Whether it is a twisted bid to make a name for himself within his (undoubtedly singular) tenure, a show of political strength or to perhaps claw back some of his supporters who have drifted over to the right, President Hollande is making an attempt to stomp on even the basic and meagre rights of the Breton people in the most time honoured politically effective manoeuvre known to colonisers – divide and rule.

If Breton territorial integrity cannot be further held from its current weakened Vichy France state, mass protests on an epic scale that will change the state of play for good, is the only possible solution. Hollande has come sparring into the ring, knowing that he will finally loose, but hoping that he will last until the final bell, with the intention of causing as much damage as possible to leave a permanent remembered mark on his opponent.

So much for the talk made by Hollande before his tenure began of the possible consideration of Breton reunification with some discussion surrounding a possible recognition of the Breton people themselves. If these plans go ahead with regard to Breton territorial reform Hollande’s tenure as President should be opposed by all those concerned with the peaceful promotion and protection of the language, culture and political autonomy of the Breton people and their territory.





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