• April 7, 2010

An independent Breton news agency that has published Celtic League news items for several years is currently experiencing financial difficulty and may be compelled to close.

Agence Bretagne Presse (ABP) was created in October 2003 by Philippe Argouarch and Ronan Le Flécher and produces and publishes news items in the Breton, Gallo French and English languages. However, over the last few years the agency has experienced a number of financial difficulties and has run `webothons’ to raise money to keep the site going.

ABP is now currently running another `webothon’ and supporters are being urged to donate money for the upkeep of the site, which provides a daily news service covering all aspects of Breton life, including politics, the environment,
culture and the Breton diaspora. The site has also carried hundreds of Celtic League news items over the last few years and even ran a joint weekly Celtic League/ABP news letter until recently.

The League has relied on the news information provided by ABP about Brittany on countless occassions in the past and general council members will be suggesting that League branches donate some money for the upkeep of the site. ABP currently needs over 1700 Euros for it to continue.

Philippe Argouarch told the League last week :

“As you know we do not get any funding from the [Breton] regional council…but we cannot continue without money – mostly to put gas in cars to go to do reporting”

The Celtic League fully supports ABP and looks forward to it continuing. Money can be donated by visiting the site by clicking on the link below.



J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League

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