A Huge Loss for Brittany – RIP Jean-Yves Cozan


Brittany lost one of its most ardent advocates when Jean-Yves Cozan passed away on Monday 15th of June at the age of 76 years old.

The ceremony will take place today, 18th of June, in Kemper/Quimper.

Although he was not a member of any Breton political party, but a centre party instead (UDF, created by Giscard d’Estaing), he was always first to defend the rights of Brittany and the Breton language.

When he was a member of the French National Assembly he was known in Brittany as the “Député Diwan” – the Diwan representative at the French National Assembly. He was always there to support the young organisation which has managed to provide an education through the medium of Breton to many children since its start in 1977.

People also liked to call him the “Député d’Ouessant” and indeed Ouessant, the most western island in Brittany, also known as Ushant in English, was the favourite place of the man with a white scarf. He was also a Member of the Council of Brittany in its early steps – there was no such democratic institution for regions before 1982.

People will remember his many fights within the council and, for instance, for the creation of the Breton Language Office. It is now a public office and it is only these days that Occitan people will have managed get their own office for Occitan following the hunger strike of David Glosclaude, last month. All have praised his many actions in favour of Brittany .

Ra vo skañv douar breizh evitañ!

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