• November 27, 2015


At the annual Illiam Dhone Commemoration last year I said people had just about had enough with this government and its stealth charges. A few weeks later government Ministers started to make conciliatory noises to the effect that the ‘pace of change may have been too fast’ but they had to do it to rebalance the budget.

They seemed to be signalling there would be a rethink and that further unpleasantness was not imminent however since then hardly a month has passed without some further charge or hidden tax.

After they push a new charge through right on queue the Allan Bell pops up to try and ameliorate public concerns.

You know Allan? The Chief Minister who was having ‘sleepless nights’ he told us last month. Here are some quotes from him at that time following increases for residential parking, ending the free 30min pickup parking at the airport and charging children for bus journeys;

‘I know the changes which we are bringing in are painful in some quarters and are clearly not going to popular.

‘It gives no one in government any pleasure to introduced these charges and put a further burden on the Manx taxpayer. None of these decisions are taken lightly. It certainly gives me some sleepless nights.’

At the time he said tax rises were not the answer and that putting 1p on the top rate of income tax would raise just £5.86m.

As it happens that £5.86m would have more than covered the latest sewerage hike which has just gone through!

This government is ideologically opposed to making those with bloated incomes pay more tax. You know people like those seven government CEOs sharing £1 million pound a year between them or that big lummox Tony Nicholls and his ilk in the private sector. We can’t give the ‘Chamber of Conmen’ any ‘sleepless nights’.

Right on cue now he knows another unpleasant stealth tax has been levied Bell has got his violin out again. Today he’s waffling on in the IOM Newspapers about putting a stop to new and increased charges.

You had better brace yourself every time this man makes pronouncements of that type a new stealth tax is on the way.

Meanwhile the only people on this Island having ‘sleepless nights’ are those that can’t heat their homes, buy enough food for their family and pay their bills.
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