• March 2, 2016


The daily dose of sycophantic Bell-speak from Manx Radio today focuses on Allan’s angst over the Brexit situation.

In times of crisis it’s important to have a strong hand on the tiller so to speak but Allan Bell the Manx Chief Minister is less a ‘strong hand’ and more a ‘hand ringer’.

It’s pathetic to see how concerned and frightened the Manx government is at an EU exit. Bell says we need to plan for every eventuality but in actual fact like a lot of the clueless he hopes the status quo will pertain. I mean what would we do if the ‘grand provisions’ of Protocol 3 were not there.

Let us be clear the EU has probably been a disaster for the Isle of Man we have had all the restrictions and none of the benefits of full membership. Untrammelled immigration, destruction of our agriculture and fisheries and regulation after regulation not always strictly required here but piggy-backed on moves introduced in the UK. It has been a constraint on economic activity best epitomised by the sick state the general EU economy is in at the present time

Allan wittering on recently about when he was a nationalist said no State can be really independent these days. Oh! Is that so Allan well I can tell you of one small country that in the last decade went through a financial crisis that almost brought it to its knees and bounced back?

All the financial pundits said only EU membership would save it. However wisely it paused for thought fought back and said NO THANKS to EU membership. In fact it was a bit stronger than that it effectively gave the EU two fingers.

About a year ago I wrote a brief piece on that decision by ICELAND and a year later that country is doing very nicely. The article I wrote is set out below.

So Iceland independent is EU free and doing nicely. Meanwhile Allan is heading for London with his best suit on and his ‘cap in hand’.

We haven’t got a ‘National government’ we’ve have a National Joke! There’s been a lot of talk of ‘Parrots’ in the media this week but we may as well have a ‘House of Parrots’ as this Tynwald of self servers and the odd drunk!

We should be relishing an exit from the EU and also planning an exit from the UK!

Here’s the article dated March 2015:


Following the ignominious collapse of elements of its banking sector just over five years ago Iceland had to put up with bullying from the UK government which ceased its assets and order and threats from the EU and International Monetary Fund.

However the Icelandic people fought back took control of their own destiny and effectively rid themselves of an administration which was to acquiescent to external pressure and rebuilt their economy.

At one time it seemed that Iceland’s only secure path would be via ultimate membership of the European Union.

However today Iceland gave a political, though polite, ‘two fingers’ to EU membership and announced it was withdrawing from accession talks. A statement said:

“The EU and Iceland have discussed the country’s position on the status of its bid to join the European Union,” the statement reads. “The government does not intend to resume preparing for EU membership.”

It is refreshing to see a small country revitalise its economy and recover from a devastating financial crisis so swiftly and in that respect Iceland is a great role model for other small nations particularly when larger neighbours try to bully them. In that regard the fall-out from Britain and especially Gordon Browns actions will be long lasting as the President of Iceland spelled out in an interview two years ago (link):


Related report from RT here:


Photo: The Athling (Icelandic Parliament) doing very nicely independent and free of the EU or other external interference.


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