• February 10, 2016


I thought watching the latest ‘Bell & Moulton in the front room’ chats it would be much more homely if they were either side of a log fire (must suggest that to Paul).

Anyway in a topic range that spanned from the Budget to the EU the ‘dear leader’ was in good form and also took the opportunity to advise those of us ‘cowering’ at home expecting the worse that without him things might get really bad.

First of all there was the warning from the Chief Minister (CM) – there always is – we are still ‘facing challenges’ and will be ‘for many years to come they are not going to vanish overnight’. This is the pain agenda and of course you know who is going to feel the pain and it will not be Allan the Tynwald muppets or the business community.

We have a ‘£75 million structural deficit which has got to be found’. I was starting to think at this point why are we dishing out £50 million from the reserves and building a new ‘Ministry of Truth’ on Douglas Head’ but Allan was moving on so I had to clear my mind and keep up!

‘The pressure is still on budget will be exceptionally tight’ he said that means you and I are going to take another hit. I started to think about the £50 million again but he swiftly moved on

Allan Bell loves the business community and he hates people like some of the hoi polloi pundits who ‘paint things in a bad light’. The CM said government must ensure we don’t put unnecessary impediments in the way of the development of new business’ Perhaps he meant like work permits or decent wages but he didn’t say that such things are best left unstated.

You can have direct access to government and Allan but you must be from ‘the business community’ no time in the busy agenda for the ‘suffering populace’ they should simply get their interaction with government via ‘the Daily Bell’.

Then a little whinge tinged with a warning over the fact that the election may cause the business community some concern. Why not cancel democracy the remnant we have I ask myself at this point – anything to keep the Chamber of Conmen happy!

The subtext here is interesting if there’s a change in government the business community may be spooked they may go elsewhere.

So you’ve been warned vote for Allan Bell and the usual suspects or a mini version of ‘the Great Depression’ will strike

The interview concludes with a rambling discourse about the EU referendum during which the most interesting part is the CMs reiteration that when the UK joined ‘they forgot about the Crown dependencies’. Those of us around at the time will recall that when the IOM did eventually sign up to Protocol 3 of the Rome Treaty it was portrayed by the Manx government as a great victory and we had obtained ‘the best of both worlds’.

Seems politicians were equally as disingenuous then as they are now.

On balance the log fire would have enhanced the ambience but I don’t think it would have made the message any more believable.




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